Our Values


Our values describe the character of ArabTech and reflect the best aspects of our heritage. They define who we are as an organization and what makes us distinctive.

Standing firm for what is right, delivering on commitments, being resilient, trustworthy and taking personal accountability, being decisive, using judgment and common sense, empowering others.

• Open to different ideas and cultures.

• Communicating openly, honestly and transparently, welcoming challenge, learning from mistakes.

• Listening, treating people fairly, being inclusive, valuing different perspectives.

• Connected to customers, communities, regulators and each other.

• Building connections, being aware of external issues, collaborating across boundaries.

• Caring about individuals and their progress, showing respect, being supportive and responsive.

• To ensure that everyone who works for ArabTech lives by these values we have made them a key part of every individual’s annual performance review.

• By setting the highest standards of behavior our aim is that all of our employees and customers can be proud of our business.